Oxygen Refill

The following are the oxygen delivery systems available for providing oxygen refills in the home:
1. Gaseous Systems These are available as a stationary or portable tank (cylinder), and come with a regulator, flowmeter, humidifier, nebulizer, cannula or mask and tubing. Only an oxygen vendor can refill tanks. A stationary cylinder, depending on size, lasts from 25-60 hours on two liters per minute (LPM) flow rate. The portable cylinders come in capacities from 115 - 500 liters, weigh 10-14 pounds, and last 3-5 hours at two LPM, depending on the size of the cylinder.

2. Oxygen Concentrator This device electrically generates oxygen of approximately 98 percent concentration from room air. The usual concentrator is considered stationary, but is on wheels and can be wheeled from room to room and occasionally transported in a vehicle if necessary (there is only limited emergency battery mode). It weighs 35-50 pounds. The concentrator is designed for clients who require a flow rate of up to five LPM, and who are homebound or have minimal portability needs.

3. Liquid Oxygen Systems Oxygen is liquid when stored in a container under very high pressure, and vaporizes at room temperature when supplied via tubing to a patient. The liquid oxygen containers (cylinders) are available in both portable and stationary sizes. A portable system includes the portable liquid oxygen container, stationary liquid oxygen supply reservoir for refilling the portable container, humidifier, flowmeter, cannula or mask, tubing, and a carrying bag

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