AED Maintenance

AEDs are virtually maintenance-free. Almost all brands perform a regular electronic self-check with an indicator that the AED is in a "ready" state. An AED will notify you if it's not ready to rescue! Buy an AED that tests itself for the presence of pre-connected electrodes, too. Some AEDs will pass their electronic self-test even if the electrodes are missing! The AED maintenance may be done in following ways:

  • Check the state of readiness of these devices at regular times
  • The pads may be checked, the batteries should work and the device should function. These are the aspects that should matter.
  • The AED maintenance may be done through a computer, look for an AED manager program.
  • Many customers who buy AEDs want "quality control" after the purchase as well as help determining company policies about how and when an AED will be used, maintenance of AEDs, and training.
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